Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Earliest Tomato Contender

All 2011 Container varieties are thick and healthy, growing even better than the last season. But one is rather "very early"...

Danko. Originally brought to US from somewhere in CIS. At only 4 weeks after germination, under 6500K grow lights, it already set the flower buds on all the seedlings.

Determinate, but ever-bearing red oxheart with wispy foliage. Here it is, buried as deep as the 6" pot allowed. Exactly 5 weeks after germination:

It is regarded for it's flavor, and healthy production at only 3' to 4' tall. Well, so far it is also appears to be a possible contender to be the earliest! If everything goes as planned, mid May tomatoes maybe on the table!

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